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Architect Services

At Cameron Bosque Brookes Architects we offer a range of services that help our clients to realise their ideas and dreams. We follow the RIBA stages of work, which help to break down the design and realization process into milestones from 0 to 7. 

We have a range of experience in both historic building and sustainable design and we champion animations, visuals and BIM X models as a way to convey ideas in a more understandable format. 

How We work

At Cameron Bosque Brookes Architects we follow the RIBA stages of work, these stages breakdown the process into key milestones. These stages are as follows:

Stage 0 Strategic Definition
Stage 1 Preparation and Briefing
Stage 2 Concept Design 
Stage 3 Spatial Coordination
Stage 4 Technical Design 
Stage 5 Manufacturing and Construction 
Stage 6 Handover 
Stage 7 use

The video above helps to break down what happens at each of these stages for a private project, however if you are a commercial client and would like a more in depth explanation or discussion then please get in touch. 


Our premium BIM X service allows our clients to explore a 3d  representation of their proposed building project before construction. Many clients find it hard to understand 2d plans, therefore this fantastic technology resolves this problem. Clients are sent a 3d model of their project on a BIMX file to view on an ipad, iphone, Apple mac or PC. 

Animation & Visuals

Each project CBBA undertake is unique, as no one building or client are the same.  We ensure our buildings are coherently designed inside and out.   We want our designs to not only meet our client's aspirations, but to go beyond what any client originally imagined.

A lot of the time our client find it difficult to interpret or visualize design. Out in house visuals and animations help to convey design and help our clients to experience the spaces before they are fully realized.

Heritage & Conservation

CBBA have extensive experience with heritage buildings and listed period properties . Our knowledge has come through many years of working on historic buildings all across the UK. Prior to working for CBBA our directors have been involved in many prestigious heritage projects across central London and Cambridge. Our designs at CBBA always treat the heritage asset as protagonist and aim to enhance the historic building and remove where possible any features which impact negatively. As a practice we relish the opportunity to work with these historic buildings and develop them sensitively so they are maintained and can be enjoyed for years to come. We would welcome the opportunity to visit your own piece of English heritage and help you to preserve our beautiful history.