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Office & Retail

CBBA have expereince with Cat A office fit outs and retail unit fit outs

Commercial workspace design, fit out and refurbishment focused on maximising creativity & productivity. Retail units that create experiences and saleable dreams 

Our Experience

Our Managing Director Grant Cameron prior to founding CBBA has gained valuable experience with multi-million pound Cat A and B office fit outs and retail unit fit outs in London.  As a company we are developing our portfolio of commercial work in London and across East Anglia.  We are looking for more opportunities in the sector with end users.  We want to design impactful and vibrant interiors for offices to enhance productivity and enjoyment in the workplace.  We want retail units that are multifunctional and attractive places for the public to come.

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Sustainable Workplaces and Shops

For the new build office and retail buildings we have experience with BREEAM sustainability requirements which have now become compulsory in most cases to enable us to head towards achieving net zero carbon by 2050  There is a huge demand in the UK for retrofitting which is a vital move towards decarbonising the UK’s energy systems and achieving a carbon neutral society.  CBBA believe in designing for people and our planet. We must enhancing existing structures, minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency.  This is done through the integration of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and innovative design strategies, 

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- Bring people together through co-working

- Creating workplaces that inspire and excite, that empower people to be the best they can be.

- We are committed to providing outstanding office interior planning and design solutions to help you build safer, healthier, and more engaging work environments that can boost productivity, efficiency, and ROI

- Interior designs to technical specifications

- We plan every m² wisely. This means your facilities, fixtures and furniture come together to create a space that works perfectly.

- To craft your ideal office interior design, we immerse ourselves in your brand and people

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