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BIMX & 3D Flythrough Renders

The video above shows an example extract from one of our 3d presentations. We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients visualise their ideas and dreams. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of our 3d fly though presentations. This is particularly useful for clients that find it hard to visualise from a set of plans.  As an added bonus clients can be sent a 3d BIMX file of their chosen option to view in their own time on an Ipad, Iphone, Apple mac or PC.  All of our projects can be modelled in 3d.  Please let us know if you require this service when requesting a quotation.


Cameron Bosque Brookes Architects are Architects and Interior Designers and focus on the inside as much as the outside when designing buildings. For us architecture is about the whole user experience, the journey through the building, the use of the internal and external spaces and how the design makes you feel.  We ensure our buildings are coherently designed inside and out.    "We want our designs to not only meet our client's aspirations, but to go beyond what any client originally imagined."


Sustainability does not mean expensive add-ons, it is about the whole life-cycle of the building and how you use energy.  A well designed sustainable property will always save you money on energy bills. ​ We have the responsibility as architects to make our buildings as sustainable as possible by understanding how our homes work, the energy used to run them and the materials used to build them.  Sustainability and energy efficiency are important considerations for every design at Cameron Bosque Brookes Architects.


For those who are unfamiliar with the building process, these are the basic stages of design and construction.  Don´t worry if you don´t understand everything as we will guide you through the process and explain every stage in detail with you. ​ Stage 0 - Consultation, development of a project brief, appointment and surveys Stage 1 - Based on the project brief we will design various proposed options for the new building(s) or extensions Stage 2 - Pre-Planning / Outline / Planning application (if required) submission to Local Council to gain permission to carry out the works Stage 3 - Building Control submission to Local Council / Approved Building Inspector to get prior approval that the construction will meet UK building regulations Stage 4 - Tender submission to Contractors to give you a cost price for carrying out the works Stage 5 - Construction stage where we may / may not act as Contract Administrators for the project. Stage 6 - Project Completion


We tailor our wide range of architectural services to meet your specific requirements, which allows you to pick and choose which services you need.  This is a list of typical services we provide:  ​ Site Surveys Design and feasibility options Photo realistic visualisations in 3d of the exterior and interiors using advanced 3d software, hand drawing or animations. Architectural Interior Design Planning drawings and documentation to achieve planning permission Building control drawings to meet current building regulations Tender drawings and specification production to allow a building contractor to give a price for carrying out the works. Serving notice under the Party Wall Act to neighbouring properties Site visits and Contract Administration during the construction stage of the project


It does not matter if you are an experienced developer or a homeowner who wants to undertake building work for the first time, as we tailor all our services to each individual client.  We will choose an architectural design package which meets your requirements and guide you through the process step-by-step. ​ ​We aim to make the building process easy, by keeping in close contact with our clients throughout each stage so they always know what is going on and what will be coming next.  This is essential in making this a stress free process and to help keep the client happy.


10 Common Architect questions answered

1. What is the difference between an Architectural Designer, CAD Designer, Draughtsman and an Architect?


Anyone can say that they are an architectural designer, CAD Designer or a draughtsman as it is not an official title, therefore you have no knowledge that the person is qualified or has the required experience and skills to design your property.   The title "Architect" under The Architect´s Act 1997, can only be used by persons registered with the Architect’s Registration Board (ARB), which is an industry body protecting the interests of the public.  In order to register they must demonstrate that they have sufficient experience to design and deliver projects and this process takes a minimum of 7 years to complete.


You can check if someone is registered on the Architect register at


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