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Preserving and enhancing our heritage assets

Are you looking for an architect that specialises in listed buildings?

CBBA have extensive experience with heritage buildings and listed period properties. Our knowledge has come through many years of working on historic buildings all across the UK. Our directors prior to working for CBBA have been involved in many prestigious heritage projects in central London and Cambridge. Our designs at CBBA always treat the heritage asset as protagonist and aim to enhance the historic building and remove any features which impact negatively to it. As a practice we relish the opportunity to work with these historic buildings and develop them sensitively so they are maintained and can be enjoyed for years to come. We look forward to visiting your own piece of English heritage and help you preserve our beautiful history.

Our Heritage Case Studies

We have extensive experience with grade II, II* and I listed buildings. The projects we have worked on have been a mix of internal and external alterations, extensions and conversions. Our architects are skilled in the art of conservation architecture.

Preserving the Past

Our historic environment is one of the UK’s most valuable assets and its legacy is cherished and valued from generation to generation. Today 99% of the population of England (according to Historic England: Heritage and Society 2016) lives within a mile of a listed building, structure, or setting.  Local heritage brings value, not just in terms of tourism, but by shaping our views of where we live, forming our communal identity and giving us a sense of place. So maintaining these buildings is absolutely essential. 


Why we love our architectural heritage

There is nothing like working with the challenges of a listed or historic building of merit where nothing is ever plumb.  It takes an architect highly skilled in conservation techniques and with in depth knowledge of what requires planning and listed building consent to be able to undertake a heritage project.  As a practice conservation has become one of our strongest sectors and we love working with these buildings.  The volume and range of projects in this sector make us one of the stand out practices for listed building projects in the UK.  

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